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      Taizhou Meilile Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd. specializes in the development,manufacture and marketing of the refrigeration products.We mainly produce the refrigeration products which use the new energy with high efficiency and high cost performance.Such as DC compressors and AC compressors,DC refrigerators,DC freezers and DC air-conditioners etc.
  Meilile company was established in 1998.With developing more than one type of new products per year since 2000,Meilile has 5 series and 60 variety types products now.All products have a great reputation and admiration between the domestic and international clients for their stable performance and high quality.And there is over 95% of these series of refrigeration compressors and DC refrigerators are exported to more than 20 countries around the world.
  The company is continuously innovating,and can develop the refrigeration products for special use and different power supply according to the clients' request.The company is now producing a complete series of DC (solar) refrigerator and freezer which have the fashionable style and use high efficiency,wide voltage range DC compressors.
  Meililers will always carry through honest,win-win and the customer supreme idea. And with high quality products,professional team, copious practical experience to meet your request and provide the more perfect service.
  Let "Meilile" contributes her own strength to "Beauty the life,Promote the convenience,Create the happiness" for the human beings.
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